The telephone system was developed by Mr. Alexander Graham Bell. This permitted people sitting remotely to speak to each other.

Tim Berners Lee developed the World Wide web. This permitted computers sitting remotely to speak to each other.

To speak a common language, there was a protocol developed call the TCP IP protocol, also known as IP protocol, that facilitates computers to speak a common language between themselves.

Over the years, there has been a great deal of convergence of the Telephony systems with the IP protocol. It is now possible for Voice systems or telephony systems to ride on the IP protocol, be passed on to computers for analysis and parsing, This opens an entirely new arena for communications between people that comprises of applications like audio and video conferencing, Web Collaboration, voicemail etc. The list can go on.

The control centre for deploying these applications is a humble box equipped with most of the above functions. It is called an IP PBX that may have the potential to execute many applications.