Health Care

The Healthcare Industry in India has come of age. Evidence of the same is established by the Medical Tourism traffic that the country has been getting from overseas.

While the country is moving in leaps and bounds due to the excellence of the medical practitioners, there is a need to further enhance the infrastructure to cater to the spectrum of patients and visitors that visit the healthcare centres.

While use of medical equipment needs expert operational skills, there is a need to utilise non complicated devices in innovative ways.

Challenges facing Indian Urban Hospitals

  • Overcrowding of Patients
  • Visitor Parking
  • Priority Lanes for Ambulances
  • Multiple visitors per patient
  • Revenue maximisation
  • Scheduled Drugs Control
  • Latest prognosis of patients
  • Visitor Access
  • Billing squabbles
  • Code Blue Emergencies
Call centres for bed reservation with associated hospitals / nursing homes.
CCTV supervised parking space allocation
Remotely triggered bollards for ambulances
Scheduled drugs control
Latest recommendation of attending doctor
Visitor Cards to operate turnstiles.
Escalating patient call button
Recorded transactions at Billing counter
Intimate of Emergencies to special doctor panel
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