Fire & Gas Detection

The Fire and Gas detection system helps identify flames and gases in specific area.

When there is a flame or gas release, this indicator sounds a caution in the specific zone where the gas leak or flame has occurred to make individuals alert of the gas leak or flame. This gives individuals the opportunity to leave the area or call for help. Such gadgets are extremely essential, as there are tons of hazardous gases that are harmful to people & animals.

In the Fire Alarm System, there are a lot of gadgets co-operating to recognize and make people aware through visual and audio devices. The Fire Alarms gets actuated consequently by heat or smoke detector or it can also be initiated physically by pull out stations or manual call points.

Gas detection Systems are used to identify flammable, combustible and hazardous gases. These Fire and Gas detection systems are widely used in industries. The sensors in the gas detector trigger an audible alarm to make people cautious when a hazardous gas leak is detected. Some of the Fire and Gas Detectors include Photoelectric detectors, Heat Detectors, UV Detector, IR Detector, Gas Detector, Manual Call Point & Sounders, Etc.

Wockhardt is India’s top Pharmaceutical and biotechnology an organization based in Ankleshwar (Gujarat, India), providing the best quality medicines at affordable prices.

As Wockhardt is a pharmaceutical company, there was constantly a danger of fire due to the type of raw material and energy used. There was a need to install a flameproof fire detection system at the gate, where the guards can be intimated the moment any fire breaks out in the premises.

The Fire Detection and Suppression system implemented by us has 3 main control panels to support all the 12 units. Besides the smoke detectors, additional sensors were introduced to detect Ultraviolet, Infra-Red, etc. Hooters were put in specific locations to send out audio alarms. The project was completed within the given time by proper planning and execution.