Emergency EVAC System

It is generally good management practice to have all the stakeholders of the company equipped to face various kinds of emergencies that may arise.

It is to cater to such emergencies that the EVAC system is put to use. While one does not expect or wish that emergencies occur at all, it is important from the organisational viewpoint to have everyone prepared to evacuate the premises in the event of any emergency.

The EVAC system is designed around a number of zones that have some common feature. These zones are logically addressed as a single entity and the handling and control of a “zone” is also done as a single entity.

The basic EVAC system comprises of a set of electronic devices configured to sense an emergency – connected to a central station. The zones are fitted with hooters, speakers, strobe lights etc. to warn of an impending emergency. The central station can declare a state of emergency in any one or multiple number of zones and then trigger automatic or manual announcement system to help to evacuate the area in the least time and with minimal loss / damage.