Educational institutions have given our children the right literacy / state of mind / alertness to be able to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. But for such institutions , India would not be perceived as one of the Superpowers in the world.

It is possible to use technology in a small way as a hygiene factor.

This would cover various non complicated applications of current technology to give peace of mind and an environment where young minds can be moulded to become better and intelligent citizens.

Observe student presence in premises
Mark attendance of student in appropriate class
Standardised learning material
Protect students from Inadvertent exposure to known allergens
Reduce School Bag weight
Safety from fire
Supervision of students in class / bus
Automatically record student movement into and out of premises
Automatically sense presence of a student in scheduled class and report exceptions
Use standardised learning content and recorded videos to give identical inputs to all students
Use of intelligent writing boards and projectors to minimise generation of dust – a known allergen
Impart knowledge through use of lightweight electronic devices to reduce weight of paper books.
Visual supervision of classrooms / buses to observe child molestation / maltreatment
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