CCTV & Network Surveillance

The digitized form of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is the Internet Protocol Camera (IP Camera). In the IP network surveillance system, video footage is recorded in the IP Camera and the content is passed to the IP network.

Generally, there are two kinds of video surveillance. One is the CCTV (Closed Circuit television) which in common parlance is referred to as an Analog and the other is the Network Camera also known as IP Cameras.

Video footage of the CCTV is converted into the format that can be utilized by VCR’s or Televisions. The video footages of the IP cameras are converted in IP Packets which can be distributed over the internet to a server or a Storage attached to a Network – also called NAS

The IP system has increased the reach of IP camera beyond the CCTV system. IP cameras have very high resolution, which gives an advantage of covering a very large area in a single camera than that of the CCTV. That means the number of cameras will decrease, by reducing the total cost. A 2-megapixel IP camera can view the same area covered by the six analog cameras.

In the IP cameras, there is a feature called ‘Digital Zoom’. This feature gives the ability to the user to zoom the video, in both live and the recorded format, to view the image carefully for precise identification. The more pixels in the image, the more one can zoom the image before it starts breaking. This ‘digital zoom’ feature helps in identifying an object. The onboard processor in the IP camera gives more potential than the analog camera. Crossline detection, wide dynamic range, motion detection, and improved low light functionality are some features which permit the camera to make adjustments and trigger event in the camera.

Some of the top organizations trust our IP CCTV Network Surveillance solutions. Mumbai International Airport, Taj Santacruz, Taj Nashik, Saifee Hospital, KDMC Hospitals and administration offices, India Government Mint, BMC offices and training centres, are some of the clients in India whom we have been closely associated for providing these solutions.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport which stands out amongst the best airports in the world. Mumbai International Airport Authority (MIAL) is constantly enhancing the CSIA (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport) to an airport that delights its visitors by offering convenience. It’s a challenge to deal with the security and surveillance needs when it comes to such a huge number of guests.
CSIA had put an extraordinary pre-requisite for MIAL.
The prerequisite was to introduce CCTV System in the premises with the implication of intrusion by voice alert and visual sign at the Airport control centre. The assignment was troublesome on the grounds that there was low night light condition, which was one of the obstacles looked by CSIA. The thick forest which encompasses the airport which, in general, make false alerts. Another downside was that there were such a large number of cameras to cover the total fringe.

Interface Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd examined the peculiarity of the prerequisite. The distinguishing proof of the suitable cameras and their areas to cover the region was thought about in structuring a coordinated arrangement that met the endorsement of Bureau of Civil Aviation Security and CISF groups. Interruption precision was improved by the utilization of specific highlights of the distinguished cameras. Low light conditions were tended to utilizing moonlight innovation that was a mechanical development by the vendor of the chosen brand of cameras. The general numbers of cameras were advanced by the utilization of double focal point cameras that secured the adjoining camera.
Bureau of Civil Aviation Security and CISF are arranging the installation of same CCTV System in other airports of India.
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