New India Assurance Company Ltd.

The New India Assurance Company Limited is a Government of India undertaking, with operations in 22 countries and employing 19,000 staff and having an agent base of around 50,000.

Their Head Office in Mumbai is situated in a Heritage building that imposes stringent conditions on changes to the structure, architecture and appearance

Challenges Faced:

The Head Office being located in a Heritage building imposed restrictions on the use of any material that would change the appearance of the building. Various floors of the building have been leased out to other companies. These companies observe their own office time. The nature of the business was such that office operations could not be affected due to execution of work. There had already been some dissimilar fire panels installed over a period. These fire panels needed to be integrated into a consolidated whole. Cabling work was extremely difficult in the heritage building due to the high ceilings interspersed with a lot of beams. There were some stringent time targets for execution of the complete work.


Each floor of the building was covered by a single loop. This covered a total of 850 smoke detectors over the entire building. Gas sensing detectors were used in the canteen and pantry areas to detect leakage of LPG cooking gas. Heat sensing cables were used to detect rise in temperature along ducts, shafts and cable trays. The fire detection panel was replicated in the Main Security office. A graphic software was used to map out each location of prospective fault areas. All this work was carried out after office hours and on weekends to meet the stringent working conditions.


New India Assurance was handed over a fully operational system a few days before the target date. The system was completely integrated with the legacy fire detection system that provided for easy replacement when its active life expectancy was over.