The Commissionerate of Customs – Mumbai

The Commissionerate of Customs – Mumbai is headquartered in Mumbai and has two satellite units located at the Air Cargo Complex in Sahar village (Mumbai) and at Jawaharlal Nehru Port on the outskirts of Mumbai. The principal business conducted by these units is to oversee the Import and Export of goods through the customs entry and exit points. In the course of conducting their business, the commissionerate handles a large number of agents who manually file documents related to the import or export. The filing of these documents establishes the formal procedure for manual customs clearance of the commercial activity.


The authorities were faced with the problems of

  • Tracability of the filed documents.
  • Fake identity cards were in use by some operators.
  • Some operators were impersonating valid card holders


The solution was based on a combination of visual cum biometric identity cards, capturing the profile of the valid card holders. The system maintains a bulk of approximately 15000 agents who have been approved for interacting with the customs authorities for purposes of filing manual documents for import and export.

The system is installed at the Mumbai Headquarters and has satellite systems at the Air Cargo Complex and at the Jawarharlal Nehru port. These systems synchronise through leased lines, daily to permit any agent to operate at any of the identified units.


The Mumbai customs have developed their filing requirements around the solution. Agents are approved for filing their documents by the system that also records on every document, essential data like date of filing, identity of the person approving the case and the date of approval. The system automatically senses and rejects expired cards that have to go through a renewal process. Specially privileged officers are authorised to “blacklist” offenders.

The system has contributed towards saving the time for initial screening of agents dramatically.

There are a set of pre specified reports that assist the authorities to oversee the operations.