Wockhardt Limited.

Wockhardt is a global pharmaceutical and biotechnology organisation, providing affordable, high-quality medicines for a healthier world. It is India’s leading research-based global healthcare enterprise with relevance in the fields of Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and a chain of advanced Super Speciality Hospitals.

Wockhardt is a true Indian Multi-National Company with a multi-ethnic workforce of 8600 Wockhardt Associates from 21 different nationalities globally. It has 3 research centres and 12 manufacturing plants, with businesses ranging from the manufacture and marketing of Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical formulations, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Vaccines.

Challenges Faced:
Wockhardt has a bulk drug manufacturing facility at Ankleshwar (Gujarat). Here there are8 drug manufacturing plants and 4 large godowns. The danger of fire in this plant is perpetual due to the nature of the raw material and the equipment and energy used.

The need was to install a flame proof fire detection system with a control panel at the main security gate to intimate the guards in the event of a fire.

The cabling inside the plants was complex, due to the existing presence of machinery and centrifuges. Strict security measure adopted by Messrs. Wockhardt meant that there could not be any spillover of work on any day – as new entry passes had to be issued every day.

The standard push button alarms could not be utilized, to prevent vandalism by the workers.

The system was designed using 3 control panels to service all the 12 units. There were different types of sensors identified and installed to cater to differing demands of sensing such as Ultraviolet, Infra Red etc., in addition to smoke detectors.

Hooters were installed in strategic locations to give audio alarms.

All the control panel outputs were fed to a repeater panel installed at the Security room.

The project was completed within the stipulated time frame by detailed design and project planning. This plan was monitored rigorously and corrective steps were initiated long before the actual delay factor could be encountered. The management of Wockhardt expressed their complete satisfaction on project completion and have offered first right of refusal to any other plant where they considered a similar installation.